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    CAD .NET 15 released

    14.06.2023 14:35

    New major version that comes with a build for the .NET 6 framework and improved import and export features.


    Introducing libcad.so

    16.05.2023 07:45

    Our team is happy to introduce libcad.so. It is a new library for Linux that enables to add CAD functionality to projects in different development environments.


    CAD DLL 15 released

    27.04.2023 14:18

    Upgraded version of CAD DLL supports new file formats, provides enhanced import and export functionalities for the already supported formats and improved G-code generation from 2D CAD files.


    ABViewer 15.1 released

    01.02.2023 13:04

    Minor, but enhancement-rich release that brings support of SLDASM format, enables to create an exploded view of a 3D model, improves G-code generation for GRBL controllers, and much more.


    CADEditorX 15 released

    23.11.2022 09:09

    Upgraded version of the ActiveX component that brings new formats support, new features and performance improvements.


    ABViewer 15 released

    02.06.2022 20:19

    Better, faster, and more reliable version of ABViewer packed with great new features and tools.


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