• CAD .NET 11.2 released

    CAD .NET 11.2 released

    Export to G-code and improved visualization

    Apart from other improvements CAD .NET 11.2 has a new class allowing converting DWG and DXF drawings to G-code. This means that now you can generate G-code for its further processing in CNC machines without any problems.

    G-code generation in CAD .NET

    List of improvements and bug fixes included into CAD .NET 11.2:

    • Export to G-code added
    • SHX big fonts support improved
    • Snap to center point option added
    • CADEDitorControl, CADViewerControl improved
    • Bugs fixed for:
      • DWG, DXF, HPGL/2 import
      • PDF export
      • visualization, printing
      • visual editing
      • external references

    You can test a new version of CAD .NET by filling in the form at our website:

    Download CAD .NET
    (free 45-day trial)

    If you have any questions on the library or its licensing, please write to us at info@www.frankbbs.net. We will be glad to answer all your questions!

    Best wishes,
    CADSoftTools Team
    SoftGold Ltd.

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