• ABViewer Enterprise with additional features

    ABViewer Enterprise with additional features

    With ABViewer Enterprise, you can not only convert PDF files to DWG/DXF, but also:

    • convert a group of files to another format;
    • print a group of files (even if they are in different formats) at a time;
    • compare two DWG or DXF drawings to see what objects were modified, added, or deleted;
    • use quick commands via the command line.

    Frequently asked questions

    No, all ABViewer licenses are lifetime.

    We can offer floating licenses. They allow using ABViewer on several PCs that are connected to a TCP/IP network. The number of computers using ABViewer at the same time is restricted by the number of purchased floating licenses. When the software is started, it connects to CST Floating License Server and gets a license. The number of the available licenses at the server is decreased. After the program is closed, the license is returned to CST Floating License Server and It becomes available for other computers.

    CST Floating License Server supports the following Microsoft Windows OSs:

    Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

    Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016/2019/2022

    ABViewer Licenses Types Comparison
    User LicenseFloating License
    Licenses can be installed on separate computers as well as on PCs connected into one network. Computers must be connected into a TCP/IP net. Floating licenses are especially convenient for terminal systems.
    The license can be installed on a restricted number of computers. The license can be installed on any number of computers within one TCP/IP net, the number of ABViewer copies running at the same time is restricted.
    Each license can be used by a single person - the license owner. The license can be used by all the users who have access to the TCP/IP net and floating licenses.

    The price of one floating license is $295. To make an order, please follow https://order.mycommerce.com/cart/new?vendorid=31987&PRODUCT[300164556]=1.

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    No. You can activate your license without the internet connection.

    If you have any questions on ordering or none of the offered payment options meets your expectations, please contact us at info@www.frankbbs.net.

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