• CAD .NET. Buy

    CAD .NET. Buy

    License prices start at 700 USD. They depend on the edition of the library, the number of developers who will work with our component and the number of expected end-users. Server licenses are also possible.

    Please, send us a request at info@www.frankbbs.net or use the form below to receive our price list. We have a flexible license policy and will be happy to offer you the most suitable license option.

    Get Price List

    To receive the CAD .NET price list please fill in the form:


    Number of developers (optional)

    Number of end users (optional)

    Message (optional):


    If you wish to stop receiving communications from us, please send an email to info@www.frankbbs.net.


    CAD .NET features
    Reading: ? ? ?
    - vector formats:
    dwg, dxf, plt, cgm, gbr
    ? ? -
    Saving: ? ? ?
    - export to raster formats:
    tiff, jpg, bmp etc.
    ? ? ?
    - export to vector formats:
    dxf, pdf, plt, cgm
    ? - ?
    Editor functionality: ? ? ?
    - programmatic entities creating ? ? ?
    - programmatic editing ? ? ?
    - visual entities creating ? - -
    - editing by markers ? - -
    - snap ? - -

    Payment Methods

    Our licenses are generally ordered via Share It. The possible payment methods include credit card, Purchase Order, PayPal, check, wire transfer and many others.

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