• libcad.so. Buy

    libcad.so. Buy

    The license prices depends on the number of developers who will work with the library and the number of expected end-users.

    Please send us a request at info@www.frankbbs.net or use the form below to receive our price list. We have a flexible license policy and will be happy to offer you the most suitable license option.

    Get Price List

    To receive the libcad.so price list please fill in the form:


    Number of developers (optional)

    Number of end users (optional)

    Message (optional):


    If you wish to stop receiving communications from us, please send an email to info@www.frankbbs.net.

    Payment Methods

    Our licenses are generally ordered via Share It. The possible payment methods include credit card, Purchase Order, PayPal, check, wire transfer and many others.

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